Craft Work!

What a pretty little elephant!! This photo was taken at the Suraj Kund Crafts Mela, Faridabad,India . This mela is generally held in the month of february and showcases some of the most exquisite handlooms and handicrafts of India.

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Residing Memories

The dust settled on the mantelpiece,

as the door of a long forgotten closet opened.

So did memories,of a deluded past.

Gleaming in the light of a sole lamp,

the rock seemed ages old

the silver had its shine sold

to the years that passed by

reminiscing the reasons why

we could not make it

was the reason so strong

that my heart,you had to break it?

Thought i would cry,remembering you..

But cold silence was the only emotion i had for you..

‘It is for the best’-they had told me,

only today the wisdom of the words i could see..

A tangled knot in the heart loosened,

as i placed it where it belonged.

In the midst of things old and battered

joined were pieces of the soul that had shattered.

Guess time healed it,

as memories were lost like morsels from a fistful of sand,

there lay lonely

my wedding band..


The Shore

In my mind,i have a wish,

That someday i will feel you beneath my feet.

I have dreamt about you,

Heard stories about the shells that adorn you like pearls on a bride’s neck

Of the palm trees that takes care of your visitors like a mother.

The sea, your gorgeous better half adds zing to your life

She is playful and calm

Yet at times she doe snot shy away to reveal her fury face

When people try to change your spread for their own reasons,

She at once acts to wipe away the distortion.

You have got to be so proud

You give a reason for people to smile as they marvel at your beauty.

You are the place where people come to see a day start and a day end.

The sun sets down but your beauty remains,

As the west wind sings you a lullaby

Your body agitated from the days work cools down to take a night’s rest.